Jim Bosse - Guitarist/Composer
Jim began his music career as the lead
guitarist in a band in New York with rock
legend, Billy Joel, who Jim performed with
from 1962-1967.
His interest gradually shifted to classical music.
Jim now performs and composes classical
guitar music. He has performed in over 400
concerts in North and South America, has
recorded 8 CDs, and published 2 books.
Jim Bosse, 29 Eagle Crest Drive, Cañon City, Colorado, 81212 USA (719)275-3840
Dos Américas - Guitar Duo
Dos Américas, formed in 2001, has
performed more than 150 concerts.
Comprised of Argentine virtuoso
Alejandro Dávila and Jim Bosse,
they present an eclectic repertoire
of contemporary guitar music with a
unique sound from the melding of
two diverse cultures.

Take Two - Acoustic Rock Duo
Rudy Melena from Denver, Colorado
and Jim Bosse performed together
in rock 'n roll bands through most of
the 1980s. They then reunited for an
acoustic rock duo, performing
popular songs from the lighter side
of the rock 'n roll repertoire, from
2007 to 2012.